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I meant to post this here, so here it is.


I have fucking had it with people trying to “police” what it is to be a geek. I have no time for it, no time for the sort of person who espouses that sort of mentality. If you think certain types of person cannot possibly be a geek because they’re not socially awkward enough, or they read the wrong types of book, or they cosplay, or they’re women, you can jump head-first into the River Ankh.

Geekdom isn’t some upper echelon of human society. We are not better, not more sophisticated than non-geeks because we watch Game of Thrones for the politics and not the breasts. We are not better because we can name the seven comics that “Man of Steel” draws plot points from. Put the elitist attitude back in the box, then throw the box on the goddamn fire. You don’t need it. We don’t need it.

And if you think you DO need it then, well, we don’t need you. You’re poisonous. You are pushing away EXACTLY the sort of person you want to spend time with, and frankly you fucking deserve to be miserable and alone forever. Either that or surrounded by people just like you, constantly judging each others’ geek credentials, all of you constantly wondering if the others have the right stuff to render them fortunate enough to get to spend time with you.

So, someone is making a commitment to littering a theme park with bits of paper covered in gibberish. Lovely.

I hope whomever started this gets found, caught, and banned from the park for life.

(via forgottencuttlefish)